ACDX launches on 29th of September

VYSYN updates investors on why ACDX may be among the most promising capital allocations to date.

ACDX is an emerging exchange primarily focused on becoming a leading marketplace for crypto derivatives trading. The size of the crypto derivatives market remains a fraction of the crypto spot trading volume but this is expected to drastically change.

In the traditional markets, derivatives outsize spot markets by 14x. It is expected that the crypto industry will follow a similar path in the coming years with crypto derivatives growing to vastly outsize the spot market.

ACDX is positioning itself to be a leading provider of crypto derivative products in this growing marketplace. ACDX anticipates that it can rank among the top five crypto derivatives exchanges before Q4 2021. 

The star-studded executive team combined with a relentless focus on releasing innovative products makes this ambition undoubtedly achievable. The vastly experienced team behind this project may result in ACDX being among the most promising VYSYN investments made to date.

ACDX is rapidly approaching launch. This update details the key reasons why capital has been allocated to this project and why it may record some of the most lucrative returns to date.

Star-Studded Core Team with a Track Record of Success

The expertise of the ACDX team is unquestionable. The team is spearheaded by former OKEx COO Andy Cheung. Andy led the operation efforts at OKEx for over two years and played a key role in the exchange evolving to rank among the most liquid marketplaces of crypto spot and derivatives exchanges. Andy’s expertise extends beyond the cryptocurrency industry. Andy has formerly served as an executive at Groupon Hong Kong, iClick Interactive, and Alibaba. His accomplishments have been widely recognized by media publications including CoinTelegraph, CryptoSlate, and Bitcoin Insider.

Andy will act as executive chairman of ACDX. The executive team tasked with leading ACDX also boast impressive resumes. CEO Dennis Mak is familiar with handling hundreds of millions of dollars through his investment banking and quantitative trading experience. Dennis is a seasoned veteran in the financial world and has vast experience working with a wide range of sophisticated derivatives products. His ventures in the financial world have yielded significant profits for the clients he has worked with. Dennis has held positions at household financial names like Standard Chartered and AP Capital.

Derek Wai is another seasoned financial professional whose experience with derivatives has brought him to the highest levels of the financial industry. Derek has been in the financial industry for over 13 years and will act as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of ACDX. Derek previously held roles as Director and Vice President at Lehman Brothers, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Standard Chartered.

Penny Law, Lawrence Hui, and Jesper Cheng will act as Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer respectively. Each had made a significant stamp with the enterprises and startups they have worked with. The trio collectively holds decades of experience and have worked at the highest echelons of the technology, financial, and blockchain industries. Their executive positions provide them with the power to propel ACDX to rank among the most liquid exchanges.

Charlie Shrem and LeRae Bigelow will serve as advisors. Both are seasoned veterans in the cryptocurrency industry and have valuable experience with guiding the industry’s leading enterprises. The duo can assist ACDX in matters related to research, marketing, and strategy.

Fast-Paced Response to Market Demand with Innovative Products

Current market leaders among derivative exchanges have been too slow to respond to market demand. Market leader BitMEX rarely releases new products to a market which is keen to trade in diverse ways. The impact on their position has been evident. Their dominance has been dwindling while the market share of newcomer FTX has quickly grown. FTX has been quick to respond to market demand with new products and their share of trading volume has been rewarded as a result. 

ACDX is prepared to take product releases to unprecedented territory. ACDX will release innovative products which will empower traders to interact with the market in previously unthinkable ways. ACDX has several products in the pipeline for 2020. The exchange will immediately offer spot trading and vanilla derivatives. In addition to this, ACDX will release several structured derivatives that the industry has not yet seen. These will include products to trade volatility and accumulators and decumulators. Accumulators and decumulators are structured similar to options and will give traders new ways to speculate on crypto assets. Such product structures are already tried, tested, and widely adopted in traditional financial markets. It is only a matter of time before an enterprise paves the way in the crypto industry and releases such products. ACDX will be that enterprise and that’s only 2020! In the coming years, ACDX will release a wide variety of crypto trading and wealth management products.

The ACDX business model benefits from several revenue streams. The exchange will immediately generate revenue from listing fees and trading fees.  ACDX will also be able to generate income from white labelling the proprietary technology of the exchange and forming B2B partnerships.

Industry-Leading Transparency

The standard of transparency with crypto exchanges has been extremely poor. Some exchanges have detailed documentation on how their products are structured and the trading volume they record but this is the exception and not the rule. ACDX is committed to complete transparency on all products, liquidity, funding rates, and other relevant information.

ACDX & ACXT Token Launch Details

At launch, since we’re still in open beta mode, we’ll be offering the markets of major cryptocurrencies only. For innovations, we will have futures spread – a very popular trading product from the traditional market. Institutional players are very familiar of it already. It also has the advantages of lowering the margin requirements and risks of traders.

Next step, we will introduce more cryptocurrencies to the market based on the demand. Meanwhile, we will focus on developing structured products like option strategies and also delta one products like DeFi indices and launch them in Q4. CBBC is also in the pipeline, but we will

evaluate the market trend and push what is most suitable for the market.

After a successful launch, ACDX will reallocate resources to focus on designing a token native to the exchange. The features and properties of the ACXT token will be carefully considered by the ACDX core team. The token is estimated to launch in November.

Uniswap Listing and Convertible Sale

ACDX will carry out a convertible token sale on Uniswap this week. Uniswap users will be able to purchase convertible ACDX tokens (cACXT) which can be converted into ACXT tokens when the token is listed. cACXT will be paired with Ethereum and the initial price of the pool will be $1.25. The date of the sale is currently unknown.

Key Listing Info 

Platform: Uniswap

Initial price of the pool: $1.25


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