Bringing Flash Loans to DeFi!

VYSYN Ventures partners with Equalizer Finance to bring a new type of lending to the DeFi markets

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market continues to reach new heights. The total value locked in DeFi protocols recently surpassed $45 billion with over $1 billion in capital flowing into some projects over the past week. Lending has always been an integral component of the DeFi ecosystem. We are on the precipice of a major innovation in DeFi lending.

VYSYN Ventures is thrilled to partner with a quickly growing project that is bringing a new type of lending to the DeFi market. Equalizer Finance is launching a DeFi marketplace for Flash Loans. Flash Loans are rapidly-executed short-term loans that require no collateral and are applied to immediate use cases. 

These loans are executed within the block time of the underlying blockchain infrastructure. For instance, on the Ethereum blockchain, block times are roughly 15 seconds. If the borrower fails to repay the flash loan along with interest within the block time, the loan transaction is excluded from the finalized block, ensuring principal protection for the lender. 

Such fast-paced loans can provide immense value to certain crypto market participants.They can be used to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities, quickly meet collateral obligations, and rebalance asset allocations in response to rapid market movements.

Equalizer Finance will radically improve how fast-paced crypto speculators navigate the markets. VYSYN will ensure that Equalizer Finance benefits from a tried and tested incubation process that has helped some of the most disruptive cryptocurrency projects quickly grow. VYSYN will also allocate funding to Equalizer Finance and actively assist with marketing efforts.

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