Ultimate Rainmaker

VYSYN VENTURES is hiring an ultimate rainmaker who brings in large amounts of business to the firm. You need to have the ability to acquire affluent clients and generate significant revenue for the company. You´ll be the bridge between the new client and VYSYN VENTURES.
You should have past experience as a broker or financial advisor who´s able to bring in several wealthy clients who´re interested in diversifying their portfolios or a banker / accountant / executive who secures many merger and acquisition deals or mandates for initial coin offerings (ICO), initial exchange offerings (IEO) or security token offerings (STO). Or / as well being well connected to crypto projects which are looking to list on exchanges, build an incubation strategy and which seek general advice in the field.
The primary responsibilities of the Ultimate Rainmaker can be broken down into one area:
  • Sourcing, proactively identifying new potential clients.